Amazon's Alexa has several voice commands that can be used with iHeartRadio. Please refer to the table below for the correct commands for playing anything on iHeartRadio.


Adjust the volume

  • "Volume up / down."
  • "Set volume to level [number]."

Hear details about the song currently playing

  • "What is this?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "What song is this?"
  • "Who is this artist?"

Stop the song currently playing

  • "Stop."
  • "Pause."

Play or resume paused songs or tracks

  • "Play."
  • "Resume."

Play a radio station

  • "Play [station name] on iHeartRadio"
  • "Play [station frequency] on iHeartRadio."
  • "Play the station [station call sign] on iHeartRadio."

Play a podcast or program

  • "Play the podcast [title] on iHeartRadio."
  • "Play [podcast name] podcast on iHeartRadio"

Skip to the next song

  • "Skip."

Play an Artist Station

  • "Play [artist name] radio on iHeartRadio"
  • "Make a station for [artist] on iHeartRadio."