If you’d like to wake up to your favorite morning show or Artist Station, you can set up the iHeartRadio Alarm Clock.


  1. Tap settings_icon.png located on For You for_you.png
  2. Select Alarm Clock
  3. Choose station
  4. Edit time
  5. Toggle Alarm On



From the side navigation menu select Settings>Alarm Clock. Then simply set the time and station you'd like to wake up to. 

You’ll see the confirmation screen once your alarm is set and activated. If you’d like to set a reoccurring alarm, select Repeat to specify frequency. You also have the option to Snooze your alarm for 1, 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals. Tap Snooze to set.


Also want to fall asleep to iHeartRadio stations? Check out the Sleep Timer here.