Amazon's Alexa has several voice commands that can be used with iHeartRadio. Please refer to the table below for the correct commands for playing anything on iHeartRadio.


Adjust the volume

"Volume up / down."

"Set volume to level [number]."

Hear details about the song currently playing

"What is this?"

"Who is this?"

"What song is this?"

"Who is this artist?"

"When did this song/album come out?"

Stop the song currently playing



Play or resume paused songs or tracks



Set or cancel a sleep timer

"Set a sleep timer for [x] minutes / hours."

“Stop playing music in [x] minutes/hours.”

"Cancel sleep timer."

Play a radio station

"Play [station frequency] on iHeartRadio."

"Play the station [station call sign] on iHeartRadio."

"Play the station [name] on iHeartRadio."

Play a podcast or program

"Play the podcast [title] on iHeartRadio."

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down a song

"Thumbs up / down."

"I [like / don't like] this song."

Skip to the next song


Create a station

"Make a station for [artist] on iHeartRadio."

"Create an iHeartRadio station based on [artist]."