How do I add my live stream to the iHeart directory?

You can apply to have your station listed on the iHeart directory on our Streamers Portal at:


What are the requirements for my stream URL to be included in the iHeart directory?

The most crucial element in listing your station on the iHeart directory is your station’s stream URL.

Direct streaming URL, in any AAC variety. Acceptable stream types include Icecase (preferred), HLS, or PLS. Stream must be 32-128kbps, and served over http & https endpoints. Please note that MP3 streams are *not* accepted. We will review your stream to ensure compliance.


My station is online-only. Can it be listed on iHeart?

We support all streaming stations, provided the other requirements, such as stream URL, are met. FM/AM/HD bands and online-only stations are supported.


Do I need insurance for my station?

To be included on our iHeart platforms, we require each provider to have, at a Best Rating of A-1X, Media Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) with standard coverage, including but not limited to, coverage with respect to claims for damages for infringements of copyrights or other literary property rights including title and music, libel or slander or any other forms of defamation, infringement of privacy and publicity rights, authorized use of names, plagiarism, and similar matters. Such insurance shall be for an amount sufficient to cover party’s liability arising from its own operations but shall provide a minimum available limit of $1,000,000 per each claim and $2,000,000 in the aggregate.


What are the requirements for my station logo?

Station logos should be .eps or .png with transparent background sized 1200x1200 to be listed in our directory. Your logo will be reviewed and sized appropriately if necessary.


Which countries are able to be listed in the iHeart directory?

At this time, we only accept U.S. stations to be listed in our iHeart Directory via our Streamers Portal. Stations outside of the U.S. will need to contact their country’s streaming support team. That contact information will be available after choosing the country.


How long can my station name and description be?

  • Station Name: 30 characters or less (including spaces)
  • Station Description: 40 characters or less (including spaces)

Can I include social media handles and website on my iHeart Live Profile?

We can list your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Youtube accounts. We can also list your website, as well as station phone number and SMS number.


Will I be able to listen to my station on a smart speaker device?

We currently support integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. After your station is launched on iHeart, your station will automatically be available on these devices after a short period of time.


What does the application process and timeline look like?

After submitting your station, your application will be reviewed by our Streaming team. If all preliminary requirements are met - Stream URL and insurance - we will contact you regarding the next steps. If there is an issue with your preliminary requirements, we will reach out to let you know.