If you've recently won a contest with iHeart, CONGRATS! Here are some common questions and answers regarding prize fulfillment. 


How can I confirm if the email I received is legitimate?
An iHeart employee with an iHeartMedia domain will reach out to you. Additionally, you will receive an email from PromoSuite in order to submit the required paperwork. The email from PromoSuite should originate from ihmpromo@iheart.prizecloset.com or StationName@iheart.prizecloset.com.

How do I claim my prize? 
After you click on the link in the PromoSuite email, you will submit a required winner release form and W-9 if necessary. Once we receive and accept your paperwork, you will be provided with an update on your prize. If the prize or digital tickets are in-house, your prize will be sent the day of. 

When should I expect my prize? 
For physical prizes, the timing can depend on the client. If the prize in-house, you will receive it via FedEx within a week of submitting paperwork. For digital concert tickets, you can expect to receive them within 1-2 weeks before the concert date.

Will I need to provide SSN? 
It is company policy that you submit your social security for tax purposes. In the event that your prize earnings for the year equal to or above $600, you will have to pay taxes. Your SSN is encrypted in the system and only accessible to our finance team to view.

Where can I find contest rules? 
Contest rules can be found in the terms and conditions link on the contest page.