As a subscriber, you have access to a commercial-free listening experience on hundreds of participating, live, iHeartRadio stations from across the country!

If you're a Plus or All Access subscriber, hearing commercials, there are a few common reasons:

  • The device you're listening on does not support commercial-free listening 
    Enjoy commercial-free listening on web or your mobile device
  • The station you're listening to does not participate in Commercial-Free radio
    Hundreds of stations participate in Commercial Free radio however there are some stations including third-party stations where you will hear commercials
  • You're listening to a podcast
    Most podcasts are pre-compressed audio files so advertisements from the original recording will be heard and cannot be removed or disabled
  • You're logged into the wrong account
    iHeart’s free version is supported by ads and commercials so please make sure you’re signed into your Plus or All Access subscription while listening. Visit or settings via the app to check.