Looking to import your subscribed shows from another podcasting service onto your iHeart account? We got you covered!

Import OPML files (https://importopml.iheart.com/)

  1. Click the above link to begin the process. You may be asked to login with a verified iHeart account if you aren’t already logged in.
  2. Once logged in, you can select the ‘Import Your Podcast’ button to begin the process.



  1. Next you will be given an option to upload your valid OPML file. Once uploaded, select the reCAPTCHA box. And then select the “Import Podcast Subscriptions” button.

  1. This will initiate the import process and a page will open displaying your followed shows.


  1. This screen will allow you to review the list of shows on iHeartRadio that matched with the followed shows in your OPML file. From here, you can perform a few different actions. 
    1. If you no longer want to follow a specific show, you can selec the “Remove Podcast Follow” button.
    2. If the displayed podcast is not the correct show, selecting the “Not the Right Show” button will return some additional options.


  1. If you still don’t see the correct show, you can notify our support team and we'll work to get it added.


  1. Once you’ve had a chance to review the list of shows and are ready to add to your library, click on the “Follow Selected Shows’ button to the right.

The OPML import process is complete and the followed podcasts are now available in your library on the iHeartRadio app!