To submit your show for potential inclusion in iHeartRadio, simply visit Spreaker  at or download the Spreaker app to your iPhone (click here) or iPad device (click here).

Please follow these guidelines to increase the chances of your show being approved for iHeartRadio:
  • We recommend at least 100 followers before submitting to iHeartRadio
  • Submitted shows should have regular postings and at least 5 public episodes
  • The last episode of the show should not be older than 2 weeks
  • Submissions must have complete meta-data including show title, show art, description and categorization
  • Submissions may not contain any unlicensed 3rd party content
  • Submissions may not include any unlicensed music over 30 seconds
  • Content may not include overly explicit or pornographic material
  • Shows names and iconography may not contain indecent language or imagery
  • We will not accept submissions that include hate speech, ethnic slurs, slander or libel