The iHeartRadio for Auto application on iPhone grants you access to iHeartRadio's most popular features including: Live Radio, Custom Stations and Podcasts, all from a convenience of one app that's designed to be used in your vehicle. Simply pair your iPhone with your car stereo's Bluetooth Audio source. You can also plug in an Auxiliary Jack (AUX) or USB cable to get started! iHeartAuto's simplified user experience will display once it detects a connection:

iPhone Live Player
iHeartAuto also works with the extended abilities of select vehicle and aftermarket car stereos, including:

Once your iPhone is connected to any of the vehicles or car stereos listed above, a lockscreen is displayed, alerting you to a successful connection. At this point, select iHeartRadio from your vehicle and tune in to your favorite stations!

Our team works hard to make sure your in-car experience with iHeartRadio is the best it can be. If you experience difficulty using our product, have a suggestion for improvement, or just want to talk shop, please select the Contact Us button below!

If you're not looking to listen to iHeartRadio in your car, you're most likely looking for iHeartRadio for iPhone which is also a free download in the iTunes App Store here.