The Lexus Enform™ App Suite service includes the latest version of the iHeartRadio application. Follow the steps below to get set up and start listening.

  1. Download the latest version of the Lexus Enform™ App Suite application onto your iPhone or Android smartphone. To find more details on supported devices and how to download the required Enform™ App Suite application, please visit the Lexus Mobile Link page.
  2. Sign up for a new iHeartRadio account, or log in using an existing account, both of which can be done through the Enform™ App Suite application. Follow the steps below to sign up for a new account; otherwise, proceed to the next section.
    • On iPhone, tap the ‘gear’ icon in the lower right corner.
    • On Android, tap the 3-dot ‘menu’ icon in the lower right corner, then tap the “Options” button.
    • Launch the Enform™ App Suite application on your smartphone.
    • Go to the Settings menu.
    • Select “Manage Apps”.
    • Select iHeartRadio. Your web browser will automatically launch and load a log in page, which also has a link to sign up for a new account. (Please make sure your web browser has its pop-up blocker setting turned off.)
    • Fill out the Sign Up form to create a new account.
  3. After completing the sign up or log in form, you will be automatically taken back to “Manage Apps” menu. If your iHeartRadio account is successfully linked, you will see a green check mark on an iPhone, or a blue check mark on an Android phone.
  5. The next time you connect your phone to the Lexus Enform™ App Suite system in your car, you will be prompted to download the latest version of iHeartRadio. Once this update has been installed, you can enjoy listening to iHeartRadio.


In order to receive these new services, please make sure your smartphone's operating system is up-to-date with the latest version.