The new iHeartRadio for Auto mobile app is compatible with the Clarion Next GATE smartphone controller. Gain access to iHeartRadio's Live Radio and Custom Stations using iHeartAuto's exclusive interface. For information on Clarion Smart Access-enabled hardware, please visit Clarion U.S.A.

Connecting & using iHeartAuto with Clarion Next GATE

To use iHeartAuto on your iPhone with your Clarion Next GATE, simply use the 30-pin USB cable that comes with your smartphone to connect to the Clarion smartphone controller. If you're using the iHeartAuto application for the first time, please log in or sign up to create a new account.
When you complete the sign up / log in process, iHeartAuto will prompt you to connect your iPhone to your Clarion controller:

Once your smartphone is successfully connected to the Next GATE device,  the lock screen will display with the Clarion logo:

At this time you can select iHeartAuto from your Clarion Next GATE's application menu. If the iHeartAuto application cannot be found, please read Clarion's Frequently Asked Questions for troubleshooting tips.

More about Clarion Next GATE
To read more about Clarion Next GATE, including supported iPhone devices, please visit Clarion U.S.A.