iHeartRadio offers a variety of content including, playlists, podcasts, live radio stations and stations based around your favorite artists.

At this point in time, iHeartRadio does not offer a setting or mode that will remove explicit content from your account's listening options. However, if you'd like to listen to radio-friendly music and other content, enjoying our Live Radio offerings will ensure that you only hear content deemed appropriate by the FCC. 

If you're an iHeartRadio Plus or an iHeartRadio All Access user, be sure to keep an eye out for for the Explicit icons when building your playlists  . Oftentimes iHeartRadio will offer a non-explicit version of the track!

Or, if you’re looking for family friendly iHeartRadio options, we’d suggest checking out the iHeartRadio Family app available on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire tablets and Amazon Fire TV!