We may provide you with the ability to control our services with your voice. Voice control features will only be enabled if you affirmatively activate voice controls by giving us access to the microphone on your device. When you activate voice controls, you enable a variety of features that may change from time to time, like finding songs and playlists using your voice and interacting with certain advertisements. Learn more below about how iHeartRadio collects and processes your voice data.

What voice data do you collect?
We will collect your voice input and other information when you use voice features, such as audio recordings and transcripts of what you say.

How do you use the voice data?
We may use your voice data to recognize what you say, to help us provide a response or take an action, and to understand your preferences and interests. We may also use and share this data to improve voice functionality and voice recognition in our products, to develop new voice features, and to help us provide you with advertising that is more relevant to you. We may also share your voice information with our vendors that help provide voice functionality for us. You can see more about general uses of your information by viewing our Privacy Policy.

Do you record everything I say?
No. We don’t begin recording your voice data until you say the wake-word (if voice controls are available and you have enabled them on your device), or (for voice ads) when you hear an audible tone. We will continue recording your voice until we have processed your question or request.
When waiting for the wake-word (if voice controls are available and you have enabled them on your device), we listen in very short intervals, which are deleted if the wake-word is not detected.

What are voice ads?
You can interact with certain ads on iHeartRadio by using your voice. It works like this: When a voice-enabled ad is played, you will hear a prompt and then an audible tone. For example, a voice-enabled ad for a podcast might ask you to say “Play now” to hear that podcast. You can read more about voice ads, and you can turn them on or off at any time, in your iHeartRadio settings.

How do I turn off voice controls and voice ads?
If you activated voice controls and later change your mind, you can turn off our access to your microphone on your device at any time. To do this, you can use the operating system settings on the device, or you can mute the microphone on your device. You can also turn off voice ads at any time in your iHeartRadio settings.

For further information on our privacy practices and on your rights and choices, please read our Privacy Policy.