When using your iHeart app on your mobile device (iOS, Android) and connected to WiFi, you can use your mobile device to install, stream, and sign-in to your iHeart account on your Connected TV device as well! 

Supported Connected TV devices include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, VIZIO SmartCast, and Samsung Tizen TVs. 

Look for the “Connect to a Device” icon in your iHeart mobile app. It will be next to the play icon on the mini player, at the bottom of the screen in the full player experience, or to the right of the track information when playing from the device lock screen. 



  1. Tap the connect to a device icon (insert device icons from iOS and Android)
  2. A dialog box opens displaying a list of your nearby devices available to connect to. Find the name of the desired TV device and tap on it. 
  3. If iHeart is already on your TV skip to #5
  4. If iHeart is not already Installed on your TV….
  5. Press ‘Yes, Install Button’ on your mobile device
    • FireTV users press ok with your FireTV remote control
    • VIZIO TV users: use the code displayed on your TV to enter on your mobile device
  6. We’ve got it from there! You should soon hear your iHeart content playing from your television, and no need to re-sign in on your TV with your remote! Your TV will keep you logged in for the next time you want to find your favorite stations, artists, podcasts or playlists.